Weiland Sliding Doors

Finally ... no threshold, no water, no problem!While sliding doors with completely flush tracks have been used for a long time in California, they’ve often been considered impossible in our Florida hurricane zone. Luckily, that’s not the case anymore. Over 30 years ago Weiland developed unique “lift and slide” doors that allow homeowners to keep

Properly Waterproofing Windows

“I don’t want my windows to leak.” We hear this all the time from both homeowners and contractors. If everyone is so concerned about it, why is it that window and door installations still leak? While many may look to the windows and doors themselves, the truth is that leaks are usually caused by the

Glass Distortion, A Reality

While it’s unfortunate, glass distortion is a reality when customers want bigger glass in a hurricane zone. As glass sizes get larger and larger with contemporary design the need for stronger glass arises. To strengthen the glass, heat-treating the substrate with large tempering ovens increases glass strength up to four times. The downside of this