Sun Windows & Doors provides architectural consulting services utilizing our extensive expertise in the latest Miami Dade hurricane tested products by all major manufacturers. We help tailor custom solutions to our client’s needs based on aesthetics and budget. 100% design driven, we not only recommend the best products for each application but educate our clients on the subtle differences in details between similar products.


A custom luxury home may have many different manufacturers for specific products like window walls, hinged doors, operable windows, and sliding doors because different types may be more suitable in combination as long as frame color and glass specifications all match.


19th Way project

Five 3’ x 8’ windows and 2’ transoms broke up the opening severely limiting the view. We recommended using three 5’ x 10’ storefront windows giving the client the option of a massive open feeling glass wall for an additional $6,000 and they loved it.


In the Harbor Beach project a major renovation of one of the most expensive properties in Broward County.

The architect wanted the absolute maximum glass and door openings with the smallest sightlines possible. We recommended the Slimpact “butt-glazed” window system and single Fleetwood sliding door panels that pocketed behind the fixed glass panels. Spectacular results!


Sunset Island project, Miami Beach

Custom Modification

For the Sunset Island project, we redesigned this 12′ x 24′ window in Miami Beach so that the architect was able to remove the horizontal steel beams they thought they needed. The 3″ wide storefront mullions are reinforced with 1″ thick steel bars up to 12′ long. We fabricate the components from stock lengths then build and glaze on site. Our bespoke quality control far exceeds any commercial manufacturer because we specialize in luxury.