Our Building Process

Sun Windows & Doors is here to help you simplify the building process. From the contract phase to delivery and installation we look at your project as a team effort. Through proper communication and efficient organization of data our team is here to see that your project is completed on time and within budget. For a summary of our building process, see below and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Contract Phase

Once we’ve discussed the requirements of your project, we’ll submit the contract for your signature and approval.From there we’ll make sure that we have all of the appropriate drawings and contact information that we need from you to move the project forward.

Conceptual Phase

This is the magic of the building process. During the conceptual phase, Sun Windows & Doors will prepare a complete set of shop drawings showing elevations, details, structural considerations, bucking, anchoring, wind loads and detailed product approval information. Once the shop drawings are complete we’ll send them your way for approval. This process generally takes two weeks, though the exact schedule will depend on the project size and complexity.During the conceptual phase we will also work with you to find the appropriate finish and glass for the job. Based on the requirements for your project, we’ll provide samples so that you can see the materials first hand.

Permit Phase

If selected, Sun Windows & Doors will provide the processing necessary for our building permit. Since the requirements vary by project, our team will walk you through all of the appropriate documentation and signatures that will be needed to move forward.

Field Measuring Phase

In most complex projects, field measuring of all masonry openings must be completed prior to releasing final orders. Your Sun Windows & Doors team will verify overall sizes as well as specific details, using lasers to determine product placements in the structure. With this process we’re able to ensure that everything will be installed correctly later on in the project.If we find any misaligned masonry openings while completing our measurements we’ll be sure that they are brought to the attention of the contractor so that they can be corrected prior to installation.

Order Entry Phase

As long as no issues are discovered during the field measuring phase, Sun Windows & Doors will submit the order for all of your project materials. Depending on the products that are selected, lead times may vary. For example, standard manufactured wood doors and windows generally take 4-6 weeks, while custom mahogany doors and windows can take up to 14-16 weeks. Throughout this phase we’ll work to set appropriate expectations and get your products delivered as soon as possible.

Delivery & Installation Phase

With nearly thirty years of experience, Sun Windows & Doors has perfected the installation process to ensure your satisfaction. With each step, we’ll work with your project superintendents and conduct inspections regularly to ensure that everything is installed correctly. Here’s what you can expect during the process:Waterproofing -Bucking -Buck Inspection -Storefront Frame Installation -Screw Inspection -Glass & Glazing -Perimeter Caulking & Brake Metal Installation -Final Inspection -Field ServiceOnce the final touch ups have been completed we’ll coordinate with you to ensure that the project has been completed according to the owners requirements. From there, it’s time to sit back, appreciate and job well done, and clean up.