Because the entire team at Sun Windows & Doors is 100% Driven By Design, our entire process is wholistic and detail obsessed. From early design detailing to shop drawings to measuring to installation, we approach luxury residences totally different than any other window company in South Florida.


In early design we will make recommendations for alternate configurations of windows and doors that will provide maximum glass and minimum frames while maintaining the essential architectural design. Our clients want the most unobstructed views and the best indoor / outdoor living experience possible and we help deliver it.


We provide extensively detailed shop drawings of your project through our in-house drafting. Building elevations and floor plans specific to window and door layouts to ensure correct layouts and alignment.

Large and complex openings drawn in detail and planned meticulously.

Our team questions every finish condition on every opening to plan custom bucking for special cladding. This project had 4-1/2” deep ledger stone that required triple 2x bucks in Miami Beach.